End to end supply chain integration

1. Invoices are uploaded to Boxtrakker (or seamlessly through Engagia SFA, Transacti OMS, or StoreKonekt B2B )
2. Invoices are assigned/truckloaded to delivery vehicles
3. Delivery team accepts truckload via app
4. Gatepass is printed
5. Vehicle is tracked via SMS
6. Deliveries are recorded and timestamped
7. Logistics information reports are generated

Easiest to use

- Simple delivery team app interface
- Intuitive and easy to use
- Offline operations

Powerful Analytics

- Supply chain delays
- Customer service levels
- Order fill rates
- Line fill rates
- Case fill rates
- Delivery in full and on time
- Perfect order

Real time shareable reports

- Invoice location
- Purchase order details
- Product details
- Delivery vehicle details
- Rejections as they happen

Connects with other systems

- Tradynamics Trade Management Systems
- Extract info and upload to other systems

Trade Management System

Retail Inventory Management

Sales Force Animation

Order Management

Logistics Management

Retail Asset Management

B2B E-Commerce

The easiest to use, end-to-end integrated, and real-time shareable logistics management system for consumer goods

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